New Teasers

I’ll say one thing for lockdown—it has freed up some time for me to do things I don’t normally get to do. Yes, I know, I’m still working pretty much full time, but since I’m working from home three to four days a week, that’s three or four days a week I don’t have to make an hour-long commute into the office and back each day. That’s two hours a day saved!

And you may have noticed that I’ve not been wasting it. Or maybe I have—that depends on your point of view.

I’ve re-issued a story under my regular name rather than one of those pointless pseudonyms and I’ve updated the cover and content of another.

And, if you like my Facebook Page, you may also have seen some new teaser memes for both of them.

These little teasers, with a quote from the text of the eBook, are a fun little way to get a taste of the book’s flavour in front of potential readers.


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