Humble Apologies

I’m going to have to apologise for my absence these past couple of months. I’ve had very little time spare time of late and, frankly, being Marc Nobbs comes second to spending time with my family when life gets hectic like this.

The issue has been, of course, work. Busy, busy, busy. Things have really picked up in the second half of 2013, which is good news for the firm but less good news for my Marc Nobbs persona.

And, if I’m being terribly honest, I don’t expect things to change anytime soon. If anything, things might get worse. The economy is really on the up and that’s a good thing, but it does leave me with less time to write unless I’m willing to sacrifice time with my wife and kids. Which I’m not. Sorry, but they come first.

So all schedules and deadlines are off the table for the time being. A Tortured Soul remains ‘nearly finished’. Tantalisingly close to being finished, in fact.

I’ll update you again as and when things change.




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