Monday Morning Flash – “One Brief Moment” by Christine London

Today’s Flash is a little different in the sense that it’s more of a poem than a story. It comes from Christine London and I hope you enjoy it.


fun-themed-party-ideas One Brief Moment
By Christine London

It’s so easy
To ignore
The dance of interlude
What happens in that brief moment
When pretense wears thin
And eyes meet
What happens in the midst of a crowd
In the center of ceremony
At the party of the year
Red carpets roll up
Camera’s flash fades
Worldly concerns vanish
For that one brief moment
There is connection
But then the drama
The allure of the spotlight
Yanks away what matters
And you return
To the present
And the demand of the night
In that one brief moment
More truth is spoken
Than all forty years before
In that one brief moment
There laid bare
The human heart
Tug of agent
Crash of industry
Intrusion of the ‘real’
And you are swept away
Into the needs of the many
In that one brief moment
Your heart won


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