It’s Monday Again

Yep, it’s Monday again. The last Monday before the clocks go back, which is good because when I was forced out of bed this morning by Mrs Nobbs, it was still bloody dark. Sorry, but I much prefer getting up when it’s light and driving home in the dark.

This weekend was week two of X-Factor 2008. Got to say there were 4 performances this week that I loved. Ruth, the Spanish fireball sexpot, should not have been in the bottom two in my opinion. Damn, she’s good. She in the over 25’s category, so even though I don’t know if she’s a mother or not, she is, for me, the very definition of a MILF. I’ve linked to all three of her performances so far below.

JLS are now the only group left and were always the only one who stood any chance. It was Michael Jackson week and they performed the perfect song for them. Great performance. They won’t win, as a group never has, but I expect they’ll make the final.

Austin’s performance of a Chris Cornell arrangement of Bille Jean was outstanding and for me the best performance of the night by some way. That said, i don’t think he’ll win. I think the adorable little Diana has already got this year’s contest sewn up, even with 10 acts out of twelve left. I wasn’t sure after her performance of the U2 classic, With or Without You, but she’s grown on me. There’s something about her – I can’t say what it is. She’s like a little sister or something. You want to wrap her up and protect her – and she looks as if she needs it because she’s so tiny and delicate you’d be scared she might break if the wind blew her over. But I think most people now agree that it’s hers to lose. It’ll take something special from one of the others to stop her.

Here are links to the performances on You Tube.

Diana – Week 1 – With or Without You

Diana – Week 2 – Man in the Mirror

Ruth – Week 1 – Take my Breath Away

Ruth – Week 2 – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

Ruth – Week 2 – Purple Rain

Austin – Week 2 – Bille Jean

JLS – Week 2 – The Way You Make Me Feel



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