Six Sentence Sunday – “Lost & Found”

wp25674c25[1] I missed it last week as I was busy decorating the bedroom ready for my wife’s return home (yes, I am that nice a husband. Or maybe I just know what’s good for me). But #sixsunday returns to my blog today with six of the best from Lost & Found.

Lost & Found sees Chris Austins cross the Atlantic to comfort his cyber-lover in her hour of need. Unfortunately for them, Beth’s father isn’t quite as happy to see him.

You can buy Lost & Found direct from Phaze Books, for from your favourite e-book retailer and read a longer extract on my website.

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The Colonel stood straight and tall, his hands behind his back. Chris could see the same suspicion in his eyes that had been there during their encounter the day before. His eyes narrowed. “I see.” His voice was so cold and quiet that it chilled Chris’s blood. “So it’s you who’s been putting these crazy ideas into Lizzie’s head, I should have known from the look of you when I first saw you.”

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